Laminar Flow (la-mə-nər):

Type of flow where a fluid travels smoothly and orderly, in which there is no turbulence, and any sub-current moves in parallel with nearby sub-currents.


Laminar Equity was formed to acquire and operate a single company. Ownership transition represents a major milestone for a company and is often a source of disruption for the business, employees, and customers. Laminar Equity will provide a smooth and orderly ownership transition for a retiring owner.


Why Laminar

Laminar Equity will approach your business with humility, honesty, and a deep respect for the business you have built. We are not a private equity firm looking to exit an investment in a given time period. We are focused on building value for all stakeholders: employees, customers, and investors — over a long time horizon. 


My Focus

Laminar Equity is interested in business with $250 thousand to $1 million in annual earnings or cash flow within the manufacturing, business services, or distribution industries. An ideal target will have an owner ready to retire, who is focused on maintaining the legacy of the business.  

Target Geographies


About Rob

Rob Kufel is the Principal of Laminar Equity and is responsible for day-to-day operations. Upon completion of an acquisition, Rob will join the management team and assume an active role within the target company. 

Rob began his career in investment banking prior to experiences in multiple private equity firms. He currently lives in Denver with his wife, Amanda, and Australian Shepherd, Rue.