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Our goal is to provide a smooth and orderly ownership transition that meets the exiting owner's objectives.  

We understand the time (often decades) and effort you have spent building your business and have deep respect for the company you have created. We will ensure your legacy is in safe hands. Unlike a private equity firm or a competitor, our focus is to build upon your legacy over the long term. 

With our focus on meeting your objectives, we have significant flexibility in structuring a deal to make certain your goals are met with a mutually beneficial transaction.

Our Principles


People First

We deeply care about people affected by your business, especially your employees, customers, and the community.  We strive to be good stewards for your business to continue its positive impact.



Laminar Equity was formed to acquire and operate a single business. That business will be our sole focus, providing us the time and resources to meet its needs.


Long-Term View

Our decision-making will not sacrifice long-term potential for short-term gains. Our patient capital frees us from any pressure to exit on a timeline and enables the power of compounding.

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